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The paintings that follow are a sampling of the work I've done over the past forty years. They are in oils and acrylics on canvas primarily. There is a section devoted to other mediums. The photos of the paintings are published in small size, but detail shots may be enlarged.

These pieces have been organized into the Four Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Each blog entry will present another element.

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Monday, April 5, 2010


The joy of having pure water in the desert cannot be imagined if you haven't experienced it. Agua Es Vida say the people of the land...water is life! Water as a mystical element is the symbol of the West. It is the carrier of our emotions, our deep feelings. The paintings in this section reflect these meanings.

Water in the River

We built our home right on the Santa Fe River. Unfortunately, this is the same river which last year was designated the most endangered in the US. When water flows, it is a beautiful place. In this vision I free the river to be it's natural self. A lucid dreamer soars beneath the clouds, dreaming it into reality.

Oil on Canvas  24" X 30"
Prints Available

details of Water in the River

In the Box Canyon

If you have seen my blog Exploring Around Santa Fe, you know that I love to explore rarely visited locations in this area. Often I'm accompanied only by my dog. This canyon is one I discovered not far out of town. The skull was there, the water was there, the coyote, if he was there, made himself invisible. But I felt his presence.

Oil on Canvas 48" X 60"

details of In the Box Canyon

Animas Creek

Animas Creek flows west out of the wild Gila Mountains in southern New Mexico, until it reaches the Rio Grande. Driving across the mesa you would never know of the magical place just a few yards away, until you came right to the lip of the canyon. The road drops precipitously into a deep V carved out of the dry slope by the creek. The bottom land is a verdant oasis. Here are to be found the largest Arizona sycamores East of the Continental Divide. Thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers, the creek has been channelized to protect the farms and homes in the valley from floods. Unfortunately, this also prevents the conditions necessary for new sycamores to germinate, guaranteeing that this will be the end of this remarkable grove. Unless...
Oil on Canvas 30" X 40"

Agua Es Vida

Again, the sacred element of water in the desert, this time based on a trip to Nambe Falls. The colors are exaggerated, the feeling is not.

Acrylic on Paper 18" X 24"
Prints Available

Red Vein/Green Vein

Another waterfall, this one in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains above Santa Fe. A layer of bright red rock ran diagonally through the matrix, echoed by the green line following the water course. It was an indelible image. My mother dislikes my inclusion of nudes in the landscapes. I can only say that that is how I have always love to experience these special places, and it feels quite right and natural to me to have them there. Sorry, Mom!

Acrylic on Paper  18" X 24"
Prints Available

Creation/The Goddess Runs Amok

I once painted a grand portrait of Astarte, having just discovered her existence by selecting and opening a book at random in a huge college library. This smaller version contains many of the elements of the earlier painting. Creative abandon!

Acrylic on Paper 18" X 24"
Prints Available

Gathering Wild Leeks

This little oil, although it was a self portrait from my days in the hills of upstate New York (yes, I actually did go into the woods, took off my clothes, and dug ramps), was painted soon after our move to New Mexico. Impressionistic in style, I think it was an attempt to reclaim that sense of moisture in the air. The ramps only grew in wet seeps on the north-facing slopes. It was as different from the arid Southwest as one could imagine.

Oil on Canvas, 16" X 20"
Prints Available

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