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The paintings that follow are a sampling of the work I've done over the past forty years. They are in oils and acrylics on canvas primarily. There is a section devoted to other mediums. The photos of the paintings are published in small size, but detail shots may be enlarged.

These pieces have been organized into the Four Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Each blog entry will present another element.

I do have prints of many of the pieces. Please contact me by email at www.moriainsantafe@yahoo.com regarding purchases of originals or prints. Some of these pieces are also available on t-shirts, canvas bags, and other objects on my Cafepress website (see sidebar).

Monday, April 5, 2010


Fire is the element of high energy, beyond the physical plane. The paintings I've placed in this section take a step beyond the physical as well. The cardinal direction ruled by fire is the South. It is the direction of high summer, of passion, of the full rich joy of life. Fire is the spark which drives us.

The Willing Sacrifice

This painting came directly from a vision I had during a particularly intense shamanic drum circle. I found myself in a cave during a ceremony, where a figure with a deer head offered himself for the well-being of the people. His Christ-like attitude was branded into my mind. I felt I was bearing witness to the true birth of the sacrificed god, and I had to paint the scene. 

Acrylic on Paper 18" X 24"
Prints Available
detail below

Thought and Memory

This image, of a volcanic eruption in cruciform, blazed in my mind's eye for weeks. The only cure was to paint it. The title comes from the names of Odin's two ravens, which brought him the news of the world as he hung on the tree to attain wisdom. Another sacrifice. This painting actually contains all four elements, interacting.

Oil on Canvas 24" X 30"
Prints Available

Hail Bopp!

This loosely painted impression was created immediately after returning from a trip to the Gila Mountains of southern New Mexico. There we spent time at the City of Rocks. This was at the time when a cult committed mass suicide, believing that their space brothers would carry their souls away on the newly discovered comet, Hale-Bopp; remember? My mind drew the images of the clustered forms in the tufa formation together with the huddled bodies of the cultists, and came up with this.

Oil on Canvas 18" X 36"


Subtitled The Goddess Dabbles In Her Favored Medium, this painting is a kind of surreal self-portrait of my inner artist. My Tibetan Buddhist friends tell me it depicts something called "putting on the rainbow body". That works, too.

Oil on Canvas 24" X 30"
NFS/Private Collection, New Mexico
Prints Available

details of Iris

These details, I think, make rather nice abstract compositions!

Inner Space/Outer Space

Painting without plan or attachment to results, I drew from deep and personal realities to bring this image to light.
Oil on Canvas 30" X 40"
details of Inner Space/Outer Space below

Note that this is one painting which can be hung in any orientation!

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